Sunday, 5 February 2012

Entries for 10K, Mini and Sprint.

Entries for Easter 10, Mini and Sprint are now open on

Monday, 27 June 2011

Inverness Open Water Sprint

Don't know if any of you are planning on going down to this but I'm seriously thinking about it and it would be fine to see some WTC representation's the link.

Expensive business this triathlon carry on, eh?

Monday, 20 June 2011

Updated list

I've been trawling back through some stuff and thought, seeing as Pete molicated the cycle course record in this year's Sprint, to update the lists showing the fastest in each discipline year by year. Course records are in red.....the more I look at those red times the less I comprehend.....they are so bloody fast.

Well done Pete....fastest in all three disciplines....only Orkney's Bobby Oag in 2006 has completed the "sweep".

SWIM (750m) CYCLE (20km) RUN (5km)
1995 400m swim, J. Dargie 30.48, W. Miller 18.04
1996 R. Mackay 8.30, G.Paterson 29.29, S. Beaven 18.11
1997 R. Mackay 9.15, J. Dargie 29.37 , S. Beales 17.28
1998 S. Beales 11.20, N. McLennan 30.15, W. Miller 17.59
1999 R.Mackay 9.30, A. Pottinger 29.43, A. Pottinger 18.27
2000 F. Cartmell 9.16, F. Cartmell 29.39, S. Beales 17.38
2001 K.Farmer 11.37, T. Clyde 29.22 , W. Miller 18.24
2002 J Dargie 10.10, T. Clyde 30.13, J Dargie 20.28
2003 B. Oag 9.46, G. Walls 31.07 , G. Walls 19.45
2004 B. Oag 9.46, T. Clyde 29.55, B. Oag 18.27
2005 G. Scott 9.17, T. Fay 32.08, S. Wales 17.50
2006 B. Oag 9.18, B. Oag 29.22, B. Oag 17.45
2007 G. Walls 11.17, T. Gallacher 31.34, K. Farrer 20.07
2008 R. Cartwright 9.45, A. Peden 30.24, A. Peden 18.59
2009 G. Scott 9.36, T. Clyde 30.34, P. Fenwick 20.52
2010 G. Scott 9.35, P. Fenwick 30.05, K. Farrer 20.05
2011 P. Fenwick 10.16, P. Fenwick 29.02, P. Fenwick 19.41

As far as I can ascertain, that brilliant race by Bobby in 2006 is a massive course record of 57.32 and that day he was pushed all the way by another Orcadian, Thomas Fay, who also ducked under the hour in 59.47....incidentally both of them were juniors at the time.

If people are willing to have a look at all the different categories that might make further "interesting reading"....volunteers?

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Wick Tri Club Sprint 2011

These photos were taken by a visiting student and were emailed to us a couple of days ago. Thanks very much.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter 10K

Great day out good conditions.
Think the course surprised some as a few people said it was quite tough.
Big thank you to Fiona for organising the Event and Kate and all the Marshals for making it possible and to Jane for the Photo's

1. Martin Duthie (Calderglen Harriers) 36.44
2. Stuart Anderson ( U/A) 39.20
3. Gary Angus (North Highland Harriers) 41.04

1. Joan Henry ( North Highland Harriers) 42.08
2. Melanie Gaff (U/A) 46.40
3. Martine Hughes (Wick Tri Club) 49.42

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Inverness Tri Club

Inverness now have there own club check there website.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Inverness Half

Tri Club members' times

Fiona Bremner 2:05:07
Helen Richard 1:50:51
Robert Cormack 1:46:32
Martine Hughes 1:45:21
Terry Gallagher 1:39:50
Sandy Christie 1.33.04

Well done everyone....hard work today, I understand.